Tuesday, August 30, 2011

early fall wardrobe finds

I made some purchases recently to be part of my fall wardrobe this year. As I get older I notice I've become more picky choosy when it comes to clothing. I don't buy anything unless I really love it. Which I'm glad this has happened to me because it has made me more appreciative of what I do love and more frugal in my spending because I don't have much of a budget. First I recently purchased this cute 1960's sweet little button up with cuffed sleeves. I love the design of the classic 60's button up but the fabric is what really caught my attention. The floral pattern has little kitties camouflaged around the flowers, so cute. I purchased it from Pistenine on etsy.

and I bought a pair of Clarks original 'Desert' boots from Nordstrom. I've been wanting a pair of these since last year when I first tried them on. They are classic with their unchanged design since the 60s. Solid leather and thick sole for durability and longevity which is what I want in a pair of boots, to last forever. And that they are comfortable enough to wear through the brake in process. Which they are with a pair of socks and the occasional band-aid to prevent any rubbing of your heal through your thin socks. As it gets cooler I'll be able to break out my camping socks from J.Crew but for now I'm wearing them with J.Crew trouser socks.

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