Thursday, August 18, 2011

tick tick ...

well. since i started my store 9 days ago. I've been to a vintage thrift store every other day. Which has been fun and apparently a workout too. I can feel my biceps which are a little soar from rummaging through piles, rack of clothes & carrying everything around until I check out. I'm really eager to make my first sale and make some online corespondents. I want to know what you guys want, if there is anyone out there. It's so early in the game I feel like i'm talking to myself. I'm antsy to make my first sale. I've been doing everything i can think of to try to inform people of my shop. I've got a blog, facebook page, twitter, flickr, tumblr and have been posting stuff on i heart this, pin it and stumble upon and my personal facebook page. Everything draws in a couple views but i'm like what does it take? How do other people do this? I like the way i take pictures but it is different from most people just hanging something or putting it on a mannequin or person just standing there in front of a blank wall. I found a place at a friends house to take just hanging stuff pictures in front of. I've been using a film camera because my dinky little digital camera makes all photos look sterile and uninviting to buy, it takes all of the "Look what I found!" out of the picture. I guess i could invest in a nice digital camera, but i don't have that kind of money right now. I really love this, the shop, the photo shoots, the thrift shopping. I'm just waiting for that first sale and then the second and then you know the fan base that follows you and checks out all your new stuff whenever you post something. I read that video shopping haulers on etsy article. Maybe i should have videos about my vintage stuff. I'm not sure of what the videos would consist of. Maybe just sitting in front of a camera and playing dress up and showing stuff off and if I got a nice digital that had nice video i could video or get a friend to video the photo shoots of the vintage clothes that i use as my photos of the items on etsy. if you are out there i'd love to get an "I hear ya"

until later,

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