Tuesday, October 18, 2011

new sweater

so i guess it is sweater season now. I walked outside this morning to a lovely feeling of crisp cold morning air. It warmed up with the sun but stayed relatively cool all afternoon. A first for this year. Last week my husband and I went to see my favorite band Blind Pilot play at the Parish. A great venue if you want to see an acoustic act play Austin, TX. At one point they were like "Why is it so hot here?" mentioning that where they are from, Oregon and that it is 45 degrees and everyone was like Texas takes a while to cool down and doesn't stay that way for long.

I sold a few sweaters, yay. I've been having some good luck finding novelty 80's sweaters lately.

We are about to go on a road trip soon so I bought a sweater to prepare. Because I only really have one long sleeve sweater i really like but it has holes in it. So I got from GAP this short crop top style sweater with a medium size knit stitch with 3/4 sleeves but i got it in a large so that it would cover more arm and therefore serve its purpose of keeping me warm while we travel north. It is a dark navy with metal looking silver added to the yarn that reminds me of a starry night. And it was on sale, always a plus.

What i really would like to get is this sweater by good night, day.

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