Friday, February 3, 2012

new dress

picked up a dress from Jcrew recently. it's doubled layer thin cotton fabric. and the detail is little dots and slashes. I like the delicate yet casual feel to it. it reminds me of something wiksten might wear or make. My friend and i have a huge creative/design/taste/style wish we were friends crush on her, so we could hang out drink tea and create together, sewing, embroidering, knitting, cooking, and decorating a scandinavian inspired home. anyways... after my rambling admiration... i really like the dress. it was my last splurge for a while. i'm making an effort to budget us into paying off all our debt within 2 years. The payment plan is just a little over one year but i'm saying two with the wiggle room to go to a wedding in september in California and make our monthly/twice a month trips to Denton for Jamin's "Sea Shepherd" music project with his friends there and in the summer when the AC bill goes close to 200 for a one bedroom a month (craziness).

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